A photograph of a cluster of symmetrical trees in a forest. The camera points upwards towards a blue sky, where four black birds are depicted flying through a clearing in the treetops.

Conference Welcome in Kumospace

Thursday, June 10, 2021 | 20:00 - 21:30

Live social event in Kumospace; spoken in English and in French. Live translation in both languages will be offered in the chat for this event. No ASL interpretation will be offered.  

Join Now in Kumospace

A chance to catch-up with colleagues, meet new people, or check out the live music (that’s right there will be a band in one of the “rooms”). A bartender will be present to help you make a special cocktail with what you have on hand, or just to chat with as though it was your local watering-hole.

The event begins with a few short theatre icebreakers after which we encourage you all to mingle and make some new connections.

KumoSpace is a no-nonsense, user-friendly web-based gathering place (log on in just seconds). Chat with your friends by moving around the digital space, all audio is transmitted based on proximity of your individual icon.

Conference KumoSpace will be available from 9 am - 9 pm each day of the conference for you to drop in, meet with peers, or do some last-minute planning for your session.

Cocktail workshop

Cocktail : The Caipirinha
What you need:
Fruit Liqueur (Passionfruit is our choice)
1 Fresh lime
Sugar cube (Cane Sugar Preferred)
Rocks Glass
Optional: Muddler
Tea Towel (made of Non Fibrous material eg: Hemp/Polyester)
Lots of ice