A photograph of a crumbling castle ruin resting atop a grassy green hill. The remains of four stoney walls, along with two round doorways are visible on the right side, and the back side of the ruin. Surrounding the ruin are clusters of grey stones and rocks. The calm sky is a pale blue.

Working Group:
Performance History


Friday, June 25, 2021 | 16:30 - 19:30

CLOSED SESSION. Live discussion on Zoom; spoken in English. No ASL interpretation or translation will be offered for this event. 

Join Now in Room D

The Performance History Working Group will use this year's CATR meeting as an opportunity for participants to (re)engage with their research in a much-needed, low-stress manner, to participate in a supportive research community, and to (re)gain energy to move their projects forward. To do this, members will submit work-in-progress for detailed feedback and encouragement. Submissions can represent work at any stage of the research process, and should be selected based on the participant's desire to discuss it with others.  As part of this session, participants will be organized into break-out discussion groups, each chaired by one of the Co-Convenors, Roberta Barker, Heather Davis-Fisch, Stephen Johnson, Sasha Kovacs, and Marlis Schweitzer.