A close-up photograph of a cluster of daisies growing in a field. The setting sun bathes the daisies in golden light.

Closing Remarks

Friday, July 9, 2021 | 18:15 - 19:15

(Chair: Christine (cricri) Bellerose & Claudia Blouin) Ana Clara B. Lima, Cali Sproule, Noah Marcus, Aisling Murphy, Jenn Boulay, Natasha Visosky, Corey John Scott, Jade Gagnon, Rémi Labrecque & Barbara Clerihue

Live closing remarks on Zoom; spoken in English and in French with live ASL interpretation. Live translation from both languages will also be available in the chat. 

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CATR/ACRT/SQET Mentorship Program

  • Ana Clara B. Lima, (BFA Acting) University of Ottawa
  • Cali Sproule, (BA) University of Manitoba and (MFA) University of Calgary
  • Noah Marcus, MA in Theatre, University of Ottawa
  • Aisling Murphy, (BA) University of Ottawa and (MA) University of Toronto
  • Jenn Boulay, (BA) University of Toronto
  • Natasha Visosky, MA in Theatre Studies, University of Guelph
  • Corey John Scott, Ph.D. student, University of New Brunswick
  • Jade Gagnon, MA student, Laval University
  • Rémi Labrecque, Ph.D. student, University of Sherbrooke
  • Barbara Clerihue, Ph.D. student, University of Victoria