A photograph of a square blue sign with the white international wheelchair symbol on it. Below the image of the white figure in the wheelchair is a white arrow pointing to the right. The sign is on an old brick wall covered in green moss.

Working Group:

Disability, Pedagogies, and Performance

Thursday, June 10, 2021 | 16:30 - 19:30

Live discussion on Zoom; spoken in English with live ASL interpretation. No translation will be offered for this event.


Join Now in Room E

The Disability Pedagogies and Performance Working Group (DPPWG) is a group of disabled, Deaf, mad, crip and allied scholars and artists. Together we question and explore how disability, Deaf, mad and crip people and practices can give rise to a rethinking of theatre and/or performance practice, culture and academic pedagogies (theory and practices of teaching and learning). Within this exploration and thinking, we honor the multiple intersectional identities and experiences of this diverse community. This working group is co-convened by Becky Gold (she/they) and Drea Flyne (she/her).