A photo of a peaceful pine forest at sunrise. The forest floor is covered in green bushes and the rising sun is shining in between many tall, straight, and symmetrical trees.

Welcoming Remarks & Meet and Greet in KumoSpace

Thursday, June 10, 2021 | 10:00 - 11:00

Live opening remarks on Zoom; spoken in both English and French. Live translation in the chat will be available in both languages.

  • Kevin Kee — Dean of Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa
  • Yana Meerzon — President, CATR
  • Nicole Nolette — Présidente, SQET
  • Conference Committee

Join Now in Room A

Social (Distanced) Meet and Greet in KumoSpace

This is a short opportunity to check out the space, get a tour, and learn about the conference social events.

While we regret that we are not gathering in-person, we are very excited to offer a digital gathering space throughout the conference.

KumoSpace is a no-nonsense, user-friendly web-based gathering place (log on in just seconds). Chat with your friends by moving around the digital space, all audio is transmitted based on proximity of your individual icon.

Conference KumoSpace will be available from 9 AM-9 PM each day of the conference for you to drop in, meet with peers, or do some last-minute planning for your session.

Join our social space here