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The global pandemic as creative force in Autour du rose enfer des animaux

Friday, June 25, 2021 | 13:30 - 15:00

Live panel on Zoom; spoken in French. No LSQ interpretation or translation will be offered for this event.

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In 1958, Claude Gauvreau gave us Le Rose enfer des Animaux, a “cosmic teletheatre” play that shines its exploratory language: animal characters, invited by the gorilla host Domitien d'Olmansay, feast in an orgy of poetry, artistic references and surrealist images. A few years ago, Robert Faguy led a research-creation on plural dramaturgies (FRQSC: 2014-2018) based on Gauvreau's text. Once this research process was completed, Autour du Rose enfer des Animaux (AREA) was supported by the Dans Ta Tête (DTT) collective for its professional artistic presentation. An interactive show, AREA invites the public to participate in a large virtual banquet around a table, a sort of technological and interactive playground put at the service of a wacky and sensory experience.

The DTT planned to complete AREA with a montage of different recordings of the show, which would thus reconstruct Gauvreau's initial teletheatre project into a kind of homage. However, the pandemic has forced the collective to adapt in order to begin prematurely, in virtual mode, this "teletheatre" component. This conference-demonstration, offered by Thomas Langlois, doctoral student and member of the DTT; and Robert Faguy, full professor and collaborator, will report on the different adaptation strategies of the project in response to the pandemic, which has become a creative driving force for our process. The presentation, of about 40 minutes duration, will be punctuated by excerpts from the online presentation of the project, broadcast next winter at the 2021 Mois Multi festival in Quebec City.

You can consult the documentation about this project before the session at Collectif Dans Ta Tête's website.


Professor of theatre at Laval University, Robert Faguy has worked for nearly 40 years in the field of multidisciplinary artistic creation, notably with the research group ARBO CYBER, theater (?) (1985-2001), which he co-directed with Lucie Fradet. His doctoral project specialized in the various uses of video on stage, with Ludovic Fouquet, he co-wrote Face à l'Image: Exercises, Explorations et Experiences Videoscéniques (éd. Instant-Very, 2016). He is currently in charge of LANTISS (Laboratoire des nouvelles technologies de l’image, du son et de la scène). His research-creation projects aim at the development of digital tools adapted to plural scenic writing (ex. electronic castelet since 2004) and archiving (e-theatre software since 2016). He also collaborates as a performer in the activities of the APA Bureau (La jeune fille et la mort, Les oiseaux mécaniques and L'effondrement - assemblée générale extraordinaire).

Thomas Langlois performs in shows related to oral poetry, interdisciplinary art and theatre, such as: Autour du Rose enfer des Animaux (Dans Ta Tête collective, 2021), his solo show Carnaval Carnivore (with Frédéric Dufour, 2019) and Imanipulaton (with Louis-Robert Bouchard, 2017). He holds a bachelor's degree in Theatre and a master's degree in Literature - Performing and Screen Arts at Laval University, he is currently pursuing studies doctoral studies for which he was financially supported by a doctoral research grant from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec - Société et Culture (FRQSC).