A photograph of a soft yellow sunrise overtop a grey mountainside. Along the bottom of the mountainside, a cluster of deep pink wildflowers grow. The sky is a pale blue-pink and is filled with gentle sunshine.

*Cancelled* Working Group:
Moving Together to Reclaim and Resist

Friday, June 25, 2021 | 16:30 - 19:30

Live discussion on Zoom; spoken in English. No ASL interpretation or translation will be offered for this event. 


Join Now in Room C

Following the lead of Melissa Poll and Jenn Cole, co-organizers of CATR’s Moving Together to Reclaim and Resist Working Group, we are sharing the following response from Chief Cadmus Delorme of the Cowessess First Nation with our working group:

“The Roman Catholic residential school has impacted us intensely but we never, ever swayed away from who we are…We ask that you stand by us as we heal and we get stronger. We are not asking for pity but we are asking for understanding. We need time to heal and this country must stand by us.”
Source: https://www.aptnnews.ca/national-news/this-is-cowesses-first-nations-moment-of-our-truth-says-chief-cadmus-delorme/

The organizers of the working group Mellisa Poll and Jenn Cole offered information for crisis lines and/or counselling services; this is the information should any of the attendees need it:


Moving Together to Reclaim and Resist  marries the vital need for a CATR working group dedicated to Indigenous performance on Turtle Island with the conference’s recent tradition of offering a “walking” (or moving) group that enables participants to physically acknowledge the unceded and ancestral lands occupied by the conference proceedings. We will be using this conference session to celebrate our working group’s upcoming special issue of Performance Matters based, in part, on our podcast collaboration from 2020. Featuring snapshots of thoughts and images from our working group and vibrant discussion about land-based performance praxis, our 2021 gathering will fête the lands and waters that nourish us and the work of our colleagues