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Working Group:

Research-creation:  Redefining the Modes of Diffusion of Stage Creation

Thursday, July 8, 2021 | 16:30 - 18:00


Live discussion on Zoom; spoken in French. No LSQ interpretation or translation will be offered for this event. 

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Standing up to the constraints of recent months, theatre and performance artists have reclaimed, through experimentation, the relationship with the spectator. We have been able to witness, even in the most restrictive periods of confinement, intimate performances, phone calls, virtual broadcasting of archives, live performances, or even diversified podcasts or radio-theatre. The new or updated ways of reaching and touching the public proposed by today’s artists open the way to a redefinition of the usual modes of dissemination and facilitate the encounter with the other, regardless of geographical location or physical limitations. They allow us to ask ourselves what kind of contact we are looking for with the spectators and what are the techniques that allow us to achieve it.

The artists participating in this roundtable are also invited to join a pandemic creation story, i.e. to reflect and/or have fun virtually on the creative process of a work that will be presented at this roundtable, in the form of their choice (filmed interviews, video capture, photos, written journal, podcast) that will be available on the conference portal as a supporting document. 


Founder of the company Danse K par K (Quebec, 2005), Karine Ledoyen creates both indoor and outdoor performances. Since 2001, she has taken the Osez! project abroad, a concept that she has reinvented as a solo version in cities or as projections onto the hands of spectators.

Marie Ayotte and Andrée-Anne Giguère (doctoral student, Université Laval) – Théâtre Déchaînés. Théâtre Déchaînés is a Montreal-based participatory theatre production and presentation company. It specializes in the ethical involvement of spectators and the various possible interactions between work and audience in the theatre, in order to open an active dialogue on human realities that are too often ignored, while respecting the limits of each.

A doctoral student in French Literature at the Université de Montréal in research-creation, Margot Mellet is interested in the configurations and fabrications to the origins of the presence of a text as a literary medium. Her work explores the possible plasticity of the text through different media installations.

The Théâtre de l’Impie is a performative theatre collective created in 2017 in Quebec City, composed of Auréliane Macé, Aube Forest Dion, and Marie Tan. We claim a free, bold, and engaged art, deeply inscribed in its political and social context. We are particularly sensitive to issues of discrimination against women and consider art as a medium to reclaim their legitimate power: the Théâtre de l’Impie is feminist and will remain so, as long as it takes.

Audrey Marchand is a performer, director, playwright, and exhibition curator. For several years, she has focused her research on the baby spectator through a multidisciplinary work based on the body, the image, and the senses. She is co-founder of the company Les Incomplètes. She is the general director and co-artistic director of the company.


Asynchronous session – SQET Research-Creation axis

As part of the SQET’s research-creation axis, artists from five Quebec companies or collectives have been invited to share audiovisual content related to projects carried out in the context of the pandemic that redefine modes of dissemination and re-interrogate ways of reaching the public. These creative narratives will serve as a companion to the virtual round table on July 8 at 4:30 p.m., as part of the conference.