CATR-SQET 2021: Online Relay Conference

Crisis and Recovery: Theatre and Performance Before and After the Global Pandemic


June 10/11 | June 25/26 | July 8/9

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Conference schedule

Conference Schedule

All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and all scheduled sessions are synchronous and unrecorded.

Download the plain-text version of the schedule for Acts 1-3  as a Word document HERE, or as a PDF HERE.

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Important Notice

Due to unforeseen circumstances, CATR’s annual Conduct Committee session, this year entitled “Curating Safer Spaces & Devising Protocols That Welcome: New House-Rules in the Domain of Story” has had to be postponed. CATR and the Committee remain excited to host the event, however, and are now planning to offer it in October as part of the CATR e-series started last year. In September we will send out time and registration details for this session as part of that series.

Asynchronous Presentations

Asynchronous presentations will be available through the conference website from June 10th, 2021.

Surviving the Pandemic with Site-Specific Theatre

Robert Motum. Click here for more details

The Crisis of Criticism, Redux

Michelle MacArthur, Signy Lynch. Click here for more details

Site-specific Performance and Climate Change Activism: a Theatre Practitioner Round Table

Annie Smith. Click here for more details

Red poison mushroom in the midground with soft focus moss in the foreground

Working Group:

Karine Ledoyen, Marie Ayotte et Andrée-Anne Giguère, Margot Mellet, Marie Tan et Audrey Marchand

Click here for more details

Resonance, Inspiration and Resolution: a Phenomenological Investigation of the Zoom Platform through the Lens of Performance Art

Angela Viora

Click here for more details

Digital Report on Quarantine Performance: Global Responses to COVID-19 in the Performing Arts

Sebastian Samur, Matt Jones, Nae Hanashiro

Click here for more details